On this page you will find resources to assist in managing the harvest phase of a private native forestry operation and fire management. Whether you are planning to contract the harvest and sale from beginning to end or somewhere in between there is information for you.


harvest guide


PFSQ Native Forest Stand Harvest Guide

Planned and well managed forest harvesting requires an understanding of the stand to be harvested, its condition, likely product range and who will purchase them, access and landscape constraints and who will ultimately mange and undertake the harvest. The PFSQ Native Forest Stand Harvest Guide is an excellent resource for planning and executing a private native forestry harvest. Click here to download the full guide.



tree selection


A Manual for the Sustainable Management of Private Native Forests: Tree Selection for retention

Selective logging is not about selecting the best trees for logging but selecting the best trees to keep in your forest while removing trees in decline. Click here to learn more.




fire management


Native Forest Management Guide (Fire Management and Eucalypts)

A fire management guide for timber production in Eucalypt and Cypress pine forests. Click here to download the full guide.





Forestry Measurement ToolsForestry Measurement Tools

One of the first steps in managing any successful harvest is determining how much timber you have to harvest. These tools are a collection of spreadsheet tools that will assist in calculating inventory, stand volume, tree log volume, log volume, tree basal area, stems per hectare and more. Click here to download the tool. (Microsoft Excel Doc.)


Sawing and Stumpage Comparison ToolSawing and Stumpage Comparison Tool

This tool allows the landholder post harvest or during harvest to evaluate how succesful the harvest operation has been. Using this tool you can calculate sawn timber recovery rates, processing costs, percentages of select and standard grade, stumpage return in dollars and more. Click here to download the tool. (Microsoft Excel  Doc.)


Fire Management ToolsFire Management Tools

Below are two tools to assist land managers to dealt with fire in forestry environments.

To download the Fire Drought Rating calculator Click here. (Microsoft Excel  Doc.)
To download a zipped version of the Fire Danger Index Click here. (zip file requires winzip or similar)



PFSQ YoutubeVideos:

We have several forest management videos on Youtube.

To go to the PFSQ Youtube Channel Click Here.


Spotted Gum

On favourable sites, these species grow to 45 m in total height and 1.3 m in stem diameter, but attain only half these dimensions on poorer sites. They have straight slender trunks with smooth bark. This is shed in patches leaving slight depressions in the surface, which give a characteristic spotted appearance.

spotted gum


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