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There are a number of important laws and management codes that you need to be aware of if you are planning to manage your property for timber production. This page provides information on workshops and links to appropriate legislation.
It is important to understand PFSQ has no regulatory role and any advice given regarding legislation is given for the benefit of landholders.


legislation and mappingIf you need help understanding and/or accessing legislation and mapping resources click here to download a powerpoint guide.




vegetation clearing code


Managing a native forest practice
A self-assessable vegetation clearing code





To access the full range of accepted development vegetation clearing codes click here.


Regional Ecosystem (RE) Mapping

A Regional Ecosystem Map or RE Map describes and maps remnant vegetation as it pertains to the Vegetation Management Act . If you have either a lot on plan number or coordinates for your property, you can apply on-line for a map to be emailed to you. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) create a map based on the details you provide then email you a copy of your selected area. They are usually very prompt and you should have something within 24 hours at most, or you can visit a Natural Resources and Water (NRW) service centre where you can view or purchase a certified RE Map.


regional ecosystems



To apply online for an RE Map Click here
To find a NRW service centre  Click Here





Regional Vegetation Management Codes

To clear remnant vegetation for certain purposes, landholders must apply to the Department of Natural Resources and Water for approval. Applications to clear vegetation are made under Integrated Planning Act 1997  (IPA) and are then assessed under the Regional Vegetation Management Codes. These codes set out criteria for clearing vegetation that implement the requirements of the VMA. To find out more about the Regional Vegetation Management Codes Click here.

Understanding Regional Ecosystems

For the average landholder understanding RE Mapping and Regional Ecosystems can be rather confusing. If you have ever wondered what those three numbers describing your Regional Ecosystem mean this webpage might help shed some light on the matter.

Regional Ecosystem Status

Each of the Regional Ecosystems in Queensland has been assigned a status as gazetted under the Vegetation Management Act 1999 (their Vegetation Management Status) and their Biodiversity Status as recognised by the EPA.


queensland government



To check the status of a particular Regional Ecosystem Click here.
To download the Regional Ecosystem Description Database (REDD) Click here.



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