A native forest is a forest consisting entirely of indigenous trees and plants.

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What is private native forestry?

Private native forestry (PNF) is the sustainable logging of commercially viable native vegetation on private property.

The harvesting of your timber for the purposes of PNF may be possible provided your activities comply with the requirements of the Vegetation Management Act 1999 to notify and conduct activities in accord with the self-assessable vegetation clearing code which you can access below.


self-assessable vegetation clearing code

Managing a native forest practice: A self-assessable vegetation clearing code





Native Forest Management Guides:

Below are guides which may be able to help you efficiently manage your native forest.

Native Forest Management Guide (Harvest Management)

Native Forest Management Guide (Grazing and Timber production)

Native Forest Management Guide (Dry Forest Types)

Native Forest Management Guide (Wet Forest Types)

Native Forest Management Guide  (White Cypress Forests)

Native Forest Management Guide (Fire Management and Eucalypts)



Species Identification Booklet



Species Identification Booklet





 Native forest management videosVideos:

We have several forest management videos on Youtube.

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