PFSQ Landholder Guide

Native forest management on private land / establishment of plantations on private land; what are you legally able to do and what are the consequences? A booklet is now available to answer these questions such as:

  • Can I manage native forest for timber?
  • Where can a plantation be established?
  • What is a forest practice?
  • What is an ongoing forestry business?
  • Is there a plantation code of practice?
  • Is there a code applying to a native forest practice?
  • Do I have to notify DNR&M?
  • And much more

Many landholders find it difficult to come to an understanding of what constitutes a lawful pursuit in relation to sustainable forest management practices on freehold land. In Queensland we have gone through some rapid changes in state legislation, i.e. the Vegetation Management Act 1999 (VMA).

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Native Forest Assessment and Sampling by Ken Matthews and Sean Ryan, PFSQ 2005


Timber Stand Improvement.

This article written by Ken Matthews was originally published in Australian Timber in 2005.
Key essential elements of forest management are not being regularly implemented on private land across Australia. Stand improvement and regeneration management needs to be included as a cost recorded against returns from harvest operations. Timber stand improvement is a concept that has been in existence for many centuries and yet as native forests decline in productivity these concepts have been significantly eroded. The fundamental rule of productive native forest management is to always leave a forest in a condition that allows it to regenerate and improve its productivity over time.

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In 2005, Sean Ryan, Executive Officer of PFSQ, produced a Manual for the Sustainable Management of Private Native Forests. We have reproduced from this publication covering,

The Forest Resource

Forest Products

Stand Assessment

Tree Selection for Retention

Silvicultural Treatment Regimes for Eucalypt Forests

Timber Harvesting Plans