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by | Oct 31, 2018


Sam Slack (Slacks Hardwood) and PFSQ are planning an industry big day out in Maryborough on Sunday the 18th August, to promote the critical aspect of the timber industry, as income and livelihood to a raft of families across rural southern Queensland. The hardwood industry is under enormous pressure on multiple fronts, the major one being a depleted and poorly managed resource with the added risk of a severely diminished resource out of state forest post 2024. 


There is also a forecast of very regressive changes to the Code of Practice for Native Forest Management to be released in the coming months. This is not a political rally but a focus on the many families associated with the industry – growers, processors, harvest and haulage contractors, retail and wholesale etc, come together to promote the positive aspects of the industry and some of the impediments facing it. We are hoping for at least a bus load from every mill (40) in SE Qld and hundreds of growers. The event is to be held at the Granville Soccer Club, Banana Street, Maryborough, commencing at 11.30 and running till 2.30 – 3.00.

Any assistance in the organisation and promotion of this event will be greatly appreciated.


Private Forestry Service Queensland (PFSQ) is an incorporated, ‘Not for Profit’ Association working for the past 17 years to improve the quality and viability of the private forest resource in Australia. PFSQ’s Constitution as a ‘Not for Profit’ group refers to the membership, purpose and activity of the association. It does not mean that an association cannot make a profit from its operations, but any profits must be used to further the Objectives of the Association and cannot be distributed to the members, directors or staff.

We are located in Gympie, Queensland’s largest and most diverse forestry region, with significant hardwood eucalypt and exotic softwood plantations, hoop pine resource and a strong native forest industry. PFSQ field operations extend all over Queensland and northern NSW with regular consultancy work in Japan, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. PFSQ combines life-long experience in forest management industries with a team of motivated individuals from forestry, environmental science, agribusiness, horticulture, law, tertiary education and forest research backgrounds.

Any profit the organisation makes is reinvested back into the community, specifically, to the Woodworks Museum and Forestry Interpretative Centre, Indigenous and landholder education on forest management, forestry research, silvicultural development (chopper roller) and market development (eg. CCA treated rounds from plantation thinnings).