About PFSQ

Private Forestry Service Queensland (PFSQ) was originally one of 18 Regional Australian Forestry Committees established with support from the Federal and State Governments. Now PFSQ is a fully fledged ‘Not for Profit’ organisation with Deductible Gift Recipient status and we cover a broad range of private forestry (native forest and plantation) activities including but not limited to the following:


  • Forest management planning in context with state regulations
  • Certification to the Australian Forestry Standard (AS 4708-2013)
  • Forest assessment and mapping
  • Forest resource valuations and financial planning
  • Assessment and lodgement of Property Maps of Assessable Vegetation (PMAVs)
  • Land rehabilitation
  • Grazing & timber management
  • Monitoring and review of forest management practices and their impact

Provision of Information

  • Technical advice (based on currently accepted best management practices)
  • Workshops, field days and other events
  • Contributions to the Woodworks Museum and Interpretive Centre
  • Contributing to film and TV segments (eg. Going Bush)
  • Development of landholder decision support tools
  • Development of information products
  • Newsletters and publications
  • Web-based services (www.pfsq.net and our Facebook page)
  • Contributing to the development of school curriculums

Forest Management Services

  • AFS certified forest management
  • Harvest management (Eg. cutting, snigging and marketing)
  • Thinning management (Eg. tordoning, chopperroller)Plantation establishment
  • Revegetation and regeneration services
  • Plantation site preparation
  • Contract milling
  • Assistance with Protected Plant Trigger Maps and flora surveys
  • Koala habitat quality assessments
  • AFS certified timber sales

Assistance with Policy Development

  • Input to Federal, State and Local Government processes
  • Contributing data to ABARE
  • Ensuring policies and regulations support private forestry
  • Interpreting policy to member groups and forest owners
  • Assisting landholders to comply with regulations


Promotion of Private Forestry

  • Farm diversification and landscape restoration
  • Income and investment options
  • Improved financial resilience in times of drought
  • To increase terrestrial carbon stocks and transition to a reduced carbon economy
  • Rehabilitation of degraded forest and the application of environmental management systems
  • Natural resource, catchment and regional economic benefits

Industry Development & Research

  • Developing partner projects with industry to address natural resource management issues
  • Developing partnerships with Indigenous groups
  • Engagement of relevant stakeholders
  • Promoting available industry support services
  • Investigation and expansion of market opportunities
  • Collaborations in research projects with universities, industry bodies & landholders
  • Monitoring long-term growth plots throughout QLD