PFSQ offers a range of consultancy services which support private landholders through all phases of private forestry. We consult in native, plantation and farm forestry.

PFSQ can advise you on how best to manage your forestry and it’s potential valuation. We consult for corporate, small business and individual.

forestry consulting
Do you need help with the Vegetation Management Act?
Do you know how a Regional Ecosystem map of your property will be of benefit to you?
Can I clear this part of my property?
How do I find out?
How can I deal with issues involving the Dept of Natural Resources?
Who can tell me if the property I’m buying/own has a viable forest on it?
How do I quantify the value of this?
Can I conduct a Forest Practice on my property?


If you require professional assistance with any of the above topics or other aspects of your native forestry practice, legislation requirements or just some information, please contact the PFSQ team on (07) 5483 6535 or [email protected]

Not sure if we can help?? Read our Capability Statement  which showcases our Expertise.