Current Projects


Agricultural Capacity Building Program (Pilot) – NRM/Agricultural Extension Trainees

The Queensland Government has engaged the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) to facilitate an Agricultural Capacity Building Program. The program was developed in response to the Great Barrier Reef Water Science Taskforce report which calls for more effective, targeted and coordinated extension to support large-scale land management practice changes in the GBR Catchments.

The Agricultural Capacity Building Program will train up to six early career extension officers by enhancing their skills in delivering agricultural and NRM projects with landholders in the GBR Catchments. Trainees will be hosted by suitable organisations and receive mentoring from experienced advisors, participate in relevant training and expand their access to extension networks. Lili Usher-Chandler has been placed with PFSQ as a Forestry Extension Trainee.

The New Breed of Extension

in Australian Forest Grower Magazine Summer 2018

by Forestry Trainee Lili Usher-Chandler

Private Native Forest Extension Program

The program will build on the results of an extensive series of landholder surveys, including those landholders who have participated in past extension activities, to ensure it delivers educational material, workshop formats and in-field activities that are specifically tailored to participant needs. A series of workshops and field days will be rolled out across southern Queensland.

There will be funding support and one-on-one assistance available for those landholders who complete a four-day, in-field, best practice forest management workshop. One of the key outcomes of this support will be a network of broad acre demonstration sites, showing how landholders have undertaken best practice forest management ‘on the ground’.

20 Million Trees Program

The Australian Government is working with the community to plant 20 million trees by 2020, to re-establish green corridors and urban forests. The Program involved competitive grants, delivered by individuals and organisations, and larger-scale plantings, delivered by service providers.

Under this program PFSQ has conducted projects involving re-forestation of degraded grazing lands and the planting forest which extends, buffers and links existing remnant vegetation on adjacent properties in order to improve environmental conditions for wildlife.

Projects with Cherish the Environment Foundation Ltd

Our planting projects with Cherish the Environment Foundation involve koala habitat quality assessments and koala plantation/rehabilitation offsets. Please contact the PFSQ office for more information.

Project Partners