We are having a Field Day at Monduran on May 10.  There will be a small harvest in progress and the day is to demonstrate general forest thinning through to the harvesting of biofuel and small rotary veneers used by the spindleless lathes. 

These are new technologies guaranteed to be part of the forestry industry into the future.

The chopper roller will be working, thinning an overstocked regrowth forest and we don’t often have that happening at Field Days so don’t miss that.

There will be an inspection of the harvest yield at the dump and a demonstration on measuring and grading used as per the specifications for all products.

E: [email protected]

P: 07 5483 6535

Parkside Timber will be there to talk to landowners about  their new developments and facilities. It’s due to their cooperation that this day has been planned and presented.

I have attached a flyer from PFSQ with details and Parkside Timber have asked us to send through a flyer from them.

Give us a call or email to register, so you don’t miss out on morning tea.