PFSQ is comprised of highly trained, qualified and experienced personnel who are passionate about sustainable forestry. Qualifications range from environmental sciences to silvicultural degrees with extensive and diverse experience across an even wider range of disciplines.

Sean Ryan

Executive Officer

M: 0428 457 322

David Menzies

GIS Specialist

M: 0488 091 070

Bill Schulke

Forestry/GLM Specialist

M: 0408 963 723

Kaara Shaw

Plantation Forestry Officer

M: 0488 080 566

Bronwyn Lloyd


Gary Clarke

Operations Manager

M: 0413 967 833

Cliff Raddatz

Forestry Officer

M: 0481 585 522

Board Members

Len Sivyer


Previously Business Development Manager at HQ Plantations

Adan Taylor

GMT Logging, General Manager and Vice Chairman, Australian Forest Contractors Association

Paul Ryan

Immediate past Principal Scientist for DPIF, Horticulture & Forest Science

Mick Capelin

Natural Resource Management and Rural Planning Specialist

Ernie Ryder 

Immediate past Senior Conservation Officer (DERM)


Tim Frodsham

Adjunct Board Member